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2012.05.10 Thursday


Reception Wednesday May 9 2012, 7 to 10 PM
2012.01.10 Tuesday

New Artwork !!

2011.09.07 Wednesday

New Artwork !!

Noboo Kawaguchi 
solo exhibition "Loving New York City" 
September 1st – 30th, 2011
2011.08.31 Wednesday

Thank you for coming!!

We're going to finish Shinji Murakami's exhibition. 
We hope you enjoyed his cute artworks at supercore! 

Thank you very much, Shinji. 
We were happy to work in your world!! 


2011.08.05 Friday

New art work is coming soon!!

SHINJI MURAKAMI solo exhibition 

8/6 Sat  7pm to 10pm

The show brings you new paintings and sculptures in the shape of the Hamburger, a selection of past works. The new paintings are the plane map artwork which he produced under the influence of a logo of famous hamburger shop Shake Shack, and the sculptures which got an idea from a Happy meal of McDonald's. Please come to celebrate his first solo show in NY!

2010.06.23 Wednesday

6/25 (Fri) 7 pm Opening Reception: Bee Elvy

Goodbye June and Hello July!

Supercore is pleased to announce the new exhibition of paintings by BEE ELVY
this end of weekend.

As you know, he is the artist who 've done our current take out menu.
He will bring big miracle version of this painting at the cafe. excited!

Opening reception: 6/25(fri) 7 pm -11 pm

Allison from donuts will be DJing.

He is also great musician. please check his music at:

we got brand new designed menu include new brunch (french toast, egg benedict etc....) and new sweets (shortbread, chocolate cookies etc.....)
also new friendly staff here.

garden is open. please stop by and party with us.

Supercore related:



follow us!

also check our record label HEARTFAST


2010.05.09 Sunday

5/6 (Thu) 7 pm Opening Reception: Shiori Nishi

Hello May!

Supercore is pleased to announce the new exhibition of photography
"To the Wonderland "
by Shiori Nishi

Opening reception: 5/6(thu) 7 pm -1 am

Live performance by:
Hitomi Nozawa (vocal)
Daniel Jodocy (electronics)

DJ by:
Qing Lewy

we also have ::



follow us!

we got new menu design by bee elvy (
new brunch menu (french toast, egg benedict etc....)
new sweets (shortbread, chocolate cookies etc.....)

garden is open. please stop by and party with us.

supercore HQ

2010.03.30 Tuesday

New Exhibition by "fumi and ian " 3/26- 4/30, opening reception 3/31 wednesday 6-8 pm

hello April,

it's getting warmer and warmer.

Supercore is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition "fumi and ian" Photographs by fumi and ian.
3/26- 4/30/ 2010

opening reception 3/31 wednesday

music by deadbeat

more information coming soon!

2009.12.08 Tuesday

call for artist -- supercore menu

hello  friends of SUPERCORE!

we are looking for artist for our brand new menu following NO.1 edition (yura osborn NOV.2009-FEB.2010).

we 're looking for:
good artwork for supercore restaurant/cafe
size: 11.5 inch x16.5 inch
full color

it is for supercore menu front, and it will be distributed to speciality store, art gallery .... around williamsburg, nolita, LES etc...
Theres no cash involved

if you know anyone,or you think good for it, please send message to:

stay warm!
2009.11.01 Sunday

New Exhibition by Hans Gullickson 10/26- 11/26, opening reception 11/03 tuesday

hello again,

Supercore is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition "Listening In" by Hans Gullickson.

opening reception 11/03 tuesday

video: "Listening In" (remixed video 1&2) 20min loop
paintings: Listening In chapters 1-5 (glass, acrylic, wood 15"X25")
silkscreened book (edition of 100): Listening In
window installation: Maiko doll

Hans Gullickson is a multi media artist who lives in Brooklyn. Listening In, a multi-faceted project he has developed over the last 7 years, explores a dream-like world that is inhabited by a character named Maiko.

for more information about Hans Gullickson and Listening In please go to:

then we will have Hiko, our lovely manager's going away party following this reception, starting around 10 pm. so please stay later.
hiko will be gone for 3 month for launching our new Tokyo spot.
SUPERCORE will open new cafe in TOKYO sometime in NOV. more detail is soon.

thanks for the support.
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